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03/12/09 - Make Wine-

Make Wine For Your Reading Pleasure

Success Is Like Wine

If you have been searching for ways to make money online I'm sure you have come across many "get rich schemes". These are everywhere. The only person who gets rich is the one who created the scheme and only for a short while before that person gets caught. You should think to your self, if all of these schemes worked, then everyone would be making a lot of money online.

Instant gratification is something that most people want. I know, because I have been there. I have spent money on products that I thought would make me money quickly. Of course none of them gave me the money in the time they said they could. If you want instant gratification play the lotto and hope to get lucky, that's the only way to make money pretty much instantly. For the rest of us we need to remember that having an online business or just making money online can take a little while.

The first thing anyone wanting to make money online should put on his or her goal/to-do list, is to be patient. That's the one thing people forget about when trying to make money online, is that it wont come instantly. This could make you a lot of money in the future. Just stick to what ever you are doing, this plus hard work should get you to the financial goals you want.

Any founder of a huge successful company didn't just start it one day and was rich the next. It took time to build the company to its current status. It's true even if you didn't or aren't starting your own business. When you start working for a company you start at the bottom level most of the time. You then have to be patient and work hard in order to move up in "ranking" and get paid more.

If you are expecting instant results then you will get fed up much easier then if you knew time and patience were key. Say you were hoping to make $1000 by tomorrow and you had just started your business. This would be very hard to come by and you would be so frustrated that you hadn't met that objective that you would quit and not try anymore. However had you known and expected that it would take time to start making the money you want, then success would come a little easier.

However this doesn't mean you shouldn't set goals. You definitely should, but make sure they are reachable and if for some reason you don't make that goal don't be to bent out of shape about it just work harder for the next month.

I like to think of success as wine. Would you drink wine right after it was made? Maybe, but it wouldn't taste as good as if it were aged for a while. This is true for success online and offline. Success takes time as does wine, so I like to live be this saying that I thought of: Success is like wine, it takes time to be great.

About the Author

Travis Werbelow is the owner of and can give your more information on making money online at his site. While you are there sign up for his free newsletter filled with hundreds of tips for making money at home.

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Great product, works well! Looks really cool too! It is a great gift or house warming present for any wine lover!
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