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Why French Wine Is So Popular?

Dissipated by the owners and winemakers switched to other businesses for next 14 years. Some surviving wineries were operating on Sacramental wine production. As a whole, the wine market of Napa Valley was flopped down. With the withdrawal of prohibition in 1933, the renaissance of Napa wine commenced with an era of recovery and followed by fabulous growth.

Some of the best wines come from France. Europe it is the oldest region where wine is produced. Their history of winemaking dates back to the olden days during the Roman times. In fact, it was from this that the knowledge of wine making spread throughout France.

France is definitely known for their wines. In fact it was from the 'French Paradox', a medical finding that observed that despite the French population's diet rich in fats, their risk of getting coronary disease remains significantly low. This phenomenon has been attributed to the French population's propensity towards drinking wine. This discovery prompted the many studies that have been devoted to the possible health benefits of wine.

Wine making process in France

The process of wine making can be considered an art form. Given that each wine maker can add his or her personal touch to the wine making process. There are many factors that contribute to the final outcome of the wine, such as the climate, time of harvesting, terroir, period of fermentation, etc. All of these tasks fall into the hands of the wine makers.

Who drinks French wines

Some of the best wines that come from various regions in France include: Champagne, Burgundy wine, and Bordeaux wine. It used to be that the people of France only drank wine that came from their locality. The access to railroads, and other transportation made the availability of wine through out the country much easier. France has been known to be one of the biggest consumers of their own wines. Although over the years there has been a decrease in this trend. So it has now become important for France to rely on exporting their wine. Also the excellent quality of wines that are being produced in other parts of the globe has taken its toll on the popularity of French wines.


This is a special term that originates from France. In wine making it refers to the natural traits that are conferred to the wine by any particular vineyard. Every vineyard is believed to have its own unique characteristic that can affect the outcome of the wine. Some of these include: soil type, altitude, how the vineyard is managed, how much sun the plants in the vineyards are exposed to, etc.

It is no doubt that French wines are included as a favorite among many wine connoisseur. Not only do they have an excellent tradition of winemaking in France, but the wines that they produce speak for themselves.

Art of Wine Tasting.

Learn the art of Wine Tasting

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Why French Wine Is So Popular?

Dissipated by the owners and winemakers switched to other businesses for next 14 years. Some surviving wineries were operating on Sacramental wine pro...

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