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Friday 12/26/08 - Vintage Wine

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A Guide To Home Wine Racks

A Home winerack....

Home wine racks make storing wine a breeze. With a home winerack, you can conveniently store several bottles or tens of bottles right in your pantry, on the wall, on a kitchen table or countertop, or in the basement or wine cellar if you have one. In short, they are versatile and accomodating.

They are generally made out of either hardy woods, like cedar, fir or pine. Some of the best home wine racks are made out of metal. Wine bottles require proper care. To preserve the wine itself, bottles should be stored in a sturdy, elevated unit, which is placed in a dry environment, like a pantry or cellar. If you don't plan to store the wine for years and consume it soon after you buy it, then storing it right in the kitchen is perfectly fine.

Today's economical home winerack is often made with conserving space in mind. You no longer need to worry about having ample cellar space; you can create an instant cellar right in your pantry. Therefore, if you are looking for a durable, safe, storage unit for your wine collection, a home winerack is ideally suited for you.

Home wine racks come in an array of sizes. A wooden wine rack is stackable, so it can grow along with your collection. You can create an instant cellar in a matter of minutes with easy to construct units. Moreover, a wood home winerack is suitable for staining or painting, so you can customize it to match your existing home d?cor. Every wine rack comes with complete easy to understand instructions, necessary hardware and the promise that it will make your wine storage more convenient, while taking up less space.

Metal wine racks can add an artistic element to displaying your wine selection. Presentation is an important element in any entertaining event. Create a greater sense of class by displaying bottled wine in a spiraling wine tree or sculpture instead of just lined up on the bar. It is sure to make for added conversation.

Home wine racks are easy to assemble, and many are priced with your budget in mind. Regardless if you are looking for an elegant display or proper storage for your wines, a home winerack is the answer, for both the serious wine connoisseur and beginner.

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Another short Vintage Wine review

A Guide To Home Wine Racks

A Home winerack....
Home wine racks make storing wine a breeze. With a home winerack, you can conveniently store several bottles or tens of bottles ri...

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Featured Vintage Wine Items

Kremser Wachtberg Gruner Veltiner

The Krems and Wachau regions are governed by Central Europe's oldest wine growing association, the Hauerinnung Krems und Stein, which dates back to 1447 and ensures that wines maintain strict levels of quality. This Gruner Veltliner is more proof that this unique Austrian grape variety, which constitutes more than 60% of the grape production in the Krems and Wachau, can not only deliver young and spicy wines, but under the right circumstances can rival many of the great white wines of the world. This wine is full-bodied, capturing all the charm of the Veltliner, but with the power of perfectly ripened grapes. KGV04 KGV04

Price: 29.99 USD

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