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December 22, 2008 - Wine Varieties

Today's Wine Varieties Article

Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Wine

Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day - times for sharing and exchanging gifts. If you are at your wits ends thinking of the perfect gift then there is no better option than a basket of wine and wine accessories.

Considering the options of wine gifts available in the market you will be spoilt for choices. A variety of wines are available in the market based on different kinds of grapes and the region of production. Red, white, dry or sparkling - you can gift any depending on your choice and preference. Wine gifts that top the list are the popular wine baskets. Wine baskets normally include a bottle of wine of your choice, smooth cheese, gourmet crackers, cashew nuts and a bar of chocolate. Prices vary on the choice of wine, the number of bottles in the basket and the combination of cheese, fresh fruits and chocolates. Prices start from as low as $40 and may shoot up to $400.

If you want to send a wine gift but are not sure as to the choice of wine then help is at hand with a variety of wine accessories to choose from. Nothing better than a set of crystal wine glasses or 'stemware'. It is important to know that different types of wines demand different types of glasses. Sparkling wines are served in flutes, red wines in glasses with a larger bowl and white ones in glasses with smaller bowls. Price of crystal glassware varies between $9 for a single glass and $100 for a set of 6. Decantling cradles or crystal decanters are also a good idea as wine gifts. There are different types of decanters for different types of wine and you can choose from the purely functional to the more extravagantly decorated ones. Prices range from as low as $10 for mini decanters to $45 for a capacity of 1.5 liters. Corkscrews and cork lifters made of chrome or silver are also a good idea for a wine gift.

If you prefer wood then you can go for a bottle balancer; it is a work of art and surely a wine lover's collection piece. Wine racks that come in different shapes and sizes can be an excellent wine gift idea. Books on wines or a gift membership to a wine club are also good wine gift ideas. And for both you have a variety of options to choose from.

About the Author

Rory H. Hawkins writes about wine gifts and other interesting topics. For more information on wine gift baskets visit us today.

Wine Varieties and More

Give Your Loved Ones the Gift of Wine

Christmas, New Year or Valentine's Day - times for sharing and exchanging gifts. If you are at your wits ends thinking of the perfect gift then there ...

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European Delight Premium

International gift basket extravagance inspired the creation of this cultivated beauty. The list of tantalizing delectables included is endless. Lobster Pate, Wine Biscuits, Wheat Crackers, Water Crackers, Gourmet Coffee, Garlic Foccoccia, Garlic Bruschetta, Brie Cheese, Camembert Cheese, Assorted Sausage, Bistro Dip and Assorted Gourmet Tea are sure to charm your European inklings and tastes. Satiate your sweet tooth with Chocolate Spoons, Honey Twisty Graham and Carmel Sauce, and of course, the four magnificent European wines: the Kaisergaten Zweigelt Trocken, European Cuvee White, Mosel Riesling Kabinett, and Merlot QBA Trocken. All elegantly placed into a handcrafted wooden basket, this is a wine gift of international verve! EDB04 EDB04P

Price: 189.95 USD

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