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Tuesday October 07, 2008 - Zinfandel Wine

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Wine Storage

Wine making and proper storage techniques have been around for centuries. The process of wine making is complicated and lengthy, but the process of storing the wine to maintain its quality and taste is just as important and difficult.

It doesn't matter how good a wine is or how much of maturing potential it has, because unless stored correctly, these features may prove futile. It is generally thought that a cool place in the garage or the back of the basement is ideal for storage, but in reality very few places actually possess the perfect conditions for wine storage.

Ideal storage conditions are cool (around 55 degrees Fahrenheit), not subject to extreme fluctuations in temperature, not too dry (to avoid the corks from drying out) and not too damp. A relative humidity of around 70% is generally recommended so as to keep the corks in good resilient condition and thereby prevent them from shrinking. More important than the actual temperature of wine storage is the degree and rapidity of temperature fluctuation that the wine is subjected to. A gradual change of temperature of ten or so degrees between seasons is not a matter of great concern. But this kind of fluctuation on a daily or weekly basis will cause damage to the wines and cause them to age prematurely.

It is necessary that wines should be stored in an area free from harsh light and vibrations. Bright light can prematurely age a bottle of wine. Clear bottles are more susceptible to damage but ultra violet light can penetrate even dark-colored bottles. Once a bottle of wine is laid down, it should preferably stay there until it is opened. These days many wine collectors entrust their collection to a professional wine storage operator who has the knowledge and expertise required to ensure correct storage and to maintain the quality of the wine.

Wine Storage provides detailed information on Wine Storage, Wine Storage Racks, Wine Storage Cabinets, Wine Storage Systems and more. Wine Storage is affiliated with Wine Cellar Design.

Thoughts about Zinfandel Wine

Wine Storage

Wine making and proper storage techniques have been around for centuries. The process of wine making is complicated and lengthy, but the process of st...

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Recommended Zinfandel Wine Items

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Zinfandel Wine in the news

TOOL's Maynard James Keenan new wine vineyard venture

Thu, 18 Sep 2008 11:34:12 PDT
Maynard James Keenan, the singer-songwriter for those overlords of prog metal known as Tool, has been engaging in another arena: winemaking. Pioneering an unlikely wine country in the severe, arid landscape of Arizona, he likens the Sedona Verde Valley to the music he makes, “thick, dense, rich, complex, engaging, emotional, spiritual."

Cavas Wine Lodge

Wed, 17 Sep 2008 23:01:23 PDT
If you came to Argentina's wine country to be one with the vineyards, you can't get any closer than Cavas Wine Lodge. Being out in the countryside doesn't involve making sacrifices, though, as the accommodations here are some of the best in the entire country.

Wine Country Gets Downtown Address

Tue, 16 Sep 2008 09:43:27 PDT
San Francisco -- Tucked into an expansive, subterranean space beneath the Four Seasons hotel, its entrance situated on a pedestrian pathway often used by city dwellers making a mad dash for a film at the Metreon, the newly opened Press Club at last is making its clandestine presence known.

Beer Wine


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