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October 2008 - Dry Wine

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HomeMade Wine Making, Some Things You Might Not Know!

As wine has become more popular in the United States and growing steadily every day, there has been an increase also in the making of wine for personal consumption. Wine making supplies have become readily available and producing wine at home allows the wine lovers to be able to stock their wine racks and cellars with their own product.

Of course there have been many a bad drop of red and white wine made at home but as the hobby has now more followers, the recipes, supplies, equipment and utensils are much improved. The winemaking kits have helped the process of making wine at home easier and so more and more are taking up this fascinating pastime.

There is quite a band of people indulging in homemade wine making and exchanging recipes and tips to improve their batches.

How we like our wine is a very personal thing. What one person likes another may think is not worth drinking. The wine making kits for homemade wine making help to keep the results of a batch more consistent and so more people will enjoy the same wine.

Using Homemade Wine To Create Your Family Tradition

If you have started your own homemade wine making then why not start your very own family traditions by making a special wine for those family celebrations. Think of how it will be when you have a special wine for an anniversary, birthday,

Thanksgiving, Christmas, the birth of a child. There are many times when your family and friends will appreciate your wine. Preparing your vintage can be timed for these special occasions as you will know exactly when to bottle and when the wine will be ready to be opened because the homemade wine making kit will have all the instructions you need. With a wine making kit you get the juice concentrate and so you can prepare the exact type of wine that is preferred for each occasion.

There are wine label kits so you can label your wine too with your own brand.

Your Appreciation Of Wine Making Will Deepen

As with most things, the more you learn about a subject the more you appreciate the complexities of that subject. This applies to wine making too. Homemade wine making will allow you to learn about the process of making wine and why it is a lifelong passion of the professional wine maker. When you do purchase a bottle of wine from the local bottle shop, no longer will you just select that bottle you are used to, you will read labels more carefully and understand more when it says about the peppery, fruity, robust, rounded, soft and many other descriptions of the wine. No more will you just pick the bottle from the shelf, pay for it, take it home and drink it. You will be a wine expert and will compare those bought wines with your own and you may be surprised at how much you prefer your own vintage.

You Will Also Reap The Financial Benefits

The wine connoisseurs will have you believe that the best wines are the most expensive but this is not always the case as a few 'masked tests' have revealed. But generally speaking the more expensive the wine, the better the taste. That doesn't mean to say that your homemade wine making cannot produce some excellent tasting wines.

Your initial outlay for your homemade wine making kit will cost you a few dollars, but once set up you only need to purchase the ingredients to make new batches. A wine making kit contains the following

Complete Winemaking Equipment Kit

Includes primary fermenter with cover, and glass secondary fermenter, hydrometer, stopper and fermentation lock, carboy handle, Autosiphon and siphon tubing, bottlefiller, sterilizer, brushes, corker, corks and reference book. Recommended additional equipment not included, Stirring spoon and degasser.This kit comes in three, five or six gallon sizes.

The Ingredients Kit

This kit includes all basic ingredients needed for Fruitwine, or conventional winemaking. Consists of Acid Testing Kit, Yeast, Acid Blend, Yeast Nutrient, Campden Tablets, Bentonite, Pectic Enzyme and Tannin.

Complete Winemaking Equipment Kit and the Winemaking Ingredients Kit will cost you between $120 and $140, so that would be your initial outlay and the ingredients kit will cost approximately less that $20. So your outlay for the next batches will be around the $20.

So you can see over a relatively short period of time you will be in front financially. Homemade wine making, more that just a hobby, something you will get passionate about and really enjoy doing. Your friends and family will really appreciate your passion too. It is a wonderful learning experience homemade wine making.

HomeMade Wine Making

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A synopsis on Dry Wine.

HomeMade Wine Making, Some Things You Might Not Know!

As wine has become more popular in the United States and growing steadily every day, there has been an increase also in the making of wine for persona...

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Ch Palmer Margaux 3rd Cru

This vinyard, named after a British general who entered Bordeaux with his army in 1814 and subsequently bought the estate, is one of Bordeaux' greatest wines. This is a gloriously opulent, low acid, fleshy Palmer that will be attractive early and will keep well. Dark ruby/purple colored, with smoky, toasty new oak with decent concentration, some noticeable tannins with gobs of jammy cherry fruit, and floral and chocolate nuances, this wine is plump yet elegant. RP RATING:88 (Subject to availability) PAL89 PAL89

Price: 301.99 USD

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