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2008 - Wine Definitions

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Exploring Bordeaux Wineries

It is that rare day when an entire region is so admired that its name is given to something as occurs with Bordeaux wine. Exploring Bordeaux wineries is an experience in wine royalty.

Exploring Bordeaux Wineries

One of the world's foremost regions for wine can be found in France. The city of Bordeaux, located on the western side of the River Garonne, is the second oldest port city in the country of France - it was established during Roman times, and when this area was under the control of England (in the early 1100's) Bordeaux became a major wine making and exporting area. This French city is also known for its tourism attractions, such as major shopping areas, museums and one of the most complete displays of 18th century architecture in the country. Also popular among tourists are the many Bordeaux wineries that welcome visitors.

One company that offers Bordeaux winery experiences in a number of different lengths and styles is the Bordeaux Wine Experience (+33 (0)556 20 64 12 - English is spoken as well as French). Based in the city of Bordeaux at Ch?teau Coulon Laurensac, the Bordeaux Wine Experience is a highly rated winery guide company that allows visitors to the area to enjoy the different wine regions around the city. One of these is the Bordeaux Day Trip, which can include the Grand Cru Wine M?doc or the Grand Cru Wine St. Emilion.

If you prefer the taste of M?doc wines, you will want to take the wine excursion to this region. A bilingual driver will pick you up at your Bordeaux area hotel, and chauffeur you to three separate ch?teaux in the M?doc region. While at these different wineries, you will be able to taste wines of different varietals and ages, as well as explore the famous "Road of the Ch?teaux". The St. Emilion trip allows you to see three ch?teaux in this area, as well as a visit to a UNESCO world heritage site - St. Emilion. This site is full of medieval architecture and culture.

For longer Bordeaux wine trips, the Bordeaux Wine Experience offers Bordeaux Wine Weekends at the Ch?teau Coulon Laurensac. The weekend here offers a romantic experience for couples that includes accommodations at the Ch?teau, as well as a candlelit dinner and an appointment for a wine tasting at the Saint Emilion Wine Ch?teau (Saint Emilion Grand Cru Class?). There are also additional nights available to add onto these weekends, to make your stay longer. The Ch?teau is a non-smoking establishment, not common in Europe.

Taking in the wineries in the Bordeaux region can allow wine lovers to really explore the wine of this region, all while enjoying the beautiful French countryside.

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Exploring Bordeaux Wineries

It is that rare day when an entire region is so admired that its name is given to something as occurs with Bordeaux wine. Exploring Bordeaux wineries ...

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