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09/15/08 - Wine Expert

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A Guide To Wood Wine Racks

Wood wine racks are simple yet beautiful. Wood wine racks come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made from primarily three types of wood: cedar wine racks, pine wine racks and fir wine racks.

Most consumers equate cedar with a pungent smell. But this is not the case with cedar wine racks; in fact, they have almost no odor. Cedar, although the darkest of the three woods, is easily stained or painted. It is a durable wood, which makes it ideal for wine storage. Some wines are stored for many years, so you should buy a wood wine rack that can also stand the test of time.

Another fine wood wine rack is a pine wine rack. Pine wood has a close grain, which means that it has high strength. Pine wine racks can be stacked to a desired height without fear of compression, as long as they are secured to a wall for stability Pine wine racks are very light in color, making it ideal for staining and painting; they are also economical. Fir wine racks vary in size from storing a couple of bottles to hundreds.

Wood wine racks, unlike their metal counterparts, are very adaptable. They can be modified to fit into any given space. In addition, they can be stained or painted to match any d?cor. Wood wine racks are also economical. Not only can they be shipped cheaper than the heavier metal ones, but also replacement pieces, if needed, are only a hardware store away. Moreover, wood wine racks are environmentally friendly, made from a renewable natural resource.

Both cedar wine racks and fir wine racks are durable. Fir wine racks are more economical and more easily stained lighter shades. Cedar wine racks are also stainable and give any cellar the old-world feel that many wine connoisseurs love. Wood wine racks are great for the blossoming wine collector. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to assemble and easy to maintain. They require virtually no upkeep, and will last longer than your wine collection will.

Wood wine racks are simple, and the basic designs are expandable for all wants or need; they are a must for any wine collector, as they offer the proper storage for the "drink of the gods."

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A Guide To Wood Wine Racks

Wood wine racks are simple yet beautiful. Wood wine racks come in a variety of sizes and colors and are made from primarily three types of wood: cedar...

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