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Saturday 08/16/08 - Napa Valley

Another Great Napa Valley Article

Guide to Tall Wine Racks

Tall Wine Racks

Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes and if space is a problem, a tall wine rack might be the solution. It seems that in today's society, architectural designs are reflecting the desire for openness. This translates into vaulted ceilings in your home. Although beautiful, the space is often wasted. Not the case with one of the quality tall wine racks.

Tall wine racks are generally grouped together under the category of instant cellars, wall mounted wine racks or custom wine racks. They are made out of high grade, close-grained wood, with is very sturdy. They can be stained or painted to match the existing d?cor or color palette.

A tall wine rack would look classy behind the bar. Several tall wine racks can be combined to great a storage facility or only two separated by a counter to create you bar. You decide. Only you know what your needs and desires are and by perusing one of the many customizable tall wine racks on the market, you will find what you're looking for.

Taller wine racks sometimes need to be mounted to a weight-bearing wall. One bottle is heavy; hundreds of bottles can spell disaster to an owner who has not purchased the proper wine rack to store his collection. By mounting your tall wine racks to the wall, you stabilize the unit. In the event of a minor tremor, or jolt -- especially if you live in earthquake prone areas -- the wine rack will protect your collection as long as the wall remains uncompromised.

Wine racks come in all shapes, sizes and colors. A tall wine rack might be the right purchase of your home if you have high ceilings. Without tying up necessary floor space, a taller wine racks allow you to store as many bottles as you need in a relatively small about of ground surface area. Furthermore, if floor space is a problem, you might check into one of our other wall-mounted units that do not need to be resting on the floor. Tall or small, you can find anything at all when it comes to wine racks nowadays.

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A synopsis on Napa Valley.

Guide to Tall Wine Racks

Tall Wine Racks
Wine racks come in all shapes and sizes and if space is a problem, a tall wine rack might be the solution. It seems that in today's so...

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EuroCave Roll Out Bins Wine Rack

With the new EuroCave Roll Out Racks you can recreate a Chateau Cellar in your own home. EuroCave's ingenious new modular racking system will not only display your decorative wooden wine cases but will allow you incredible ease of access as they glide in and out on rolling shelves. Use the EuroCave Roll Out to rack an entire cellar or add a touch of class to an existing rack system. Dimensions: 19 3/4'H x 15 3/4'W x 19 1/2'DDoes not include Wooden wine cases Item T6756

Price: 89.00 USD

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