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06/25/08 - Wine Icon

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Residential Wine Cellars

Wine has become a popular beverage with many Americans, and is sold almost everywhere. This is because it is studied consistently for its wide variety in taste, depending on where it's produced, and it can be an important part of a meal, since it is known to enhance the taste of certain foods. Thus, residential wine cellars allow a homeowner the space to store their favorite wines and/or build an impressive collection of vintages. Residential wine cellars are also very affordable and don't take up that much space.

Residential wine cellars allow a wine connoisseur to store wines for a long period of time, or "age" the wine. Aging a wine contributes to its taste and sophistication. Since a wine also records its environment in its taste, temperature, humidity, light, and vibration will also impact the taste of the wine in residential wine cellars. Generally, 55?F is the average temperature that wines should be kept at. 50? to 60?F is usually acceptable, but some white wines like to be as low at 45?F.

Sudden fluctuations in the temperature can adversely affect the wine's taste. Humidity of your cellar should stay between 60% and 80%. Exposing your cellar to light should be avoided, because light disrupts the aging process. Excessive vibration of your wine can disturb the sediments found in the bottle.

Residential wine cellars don't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, you can probably build residential wine cellars yourself with your extra basement space or use an alternative area in your house or apartment. A dark interior closet or pantry will work nicely, although don't store the wine near strong-smelling foods. Keep your wine away from stoves and heat sources, as they would allow the temperature to fluctuate too much. Cool, damp basements are good as well.

Find wine, bar and alcohol accessories online at whether you're hosting a dinner party or a wine tasting event, there are a variety of wine and bar accessories any good host should have on hand. From wine racks to cabinets and glasses and corkscrews, a variety of items exist for the wine lovers and hard liquor drinkers in your life. For more on information on fine wines of the world visit

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Residential Wine Cellars

Wine has become a popular beverage with many Americans, and is sold almost everywhere. This is because it is studied consistently for its wide variety...

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Headlines on Wine Icon

The Vino Vixen Twenty for Twenty at Jackson Twenty

Wed, 13 Feb 2008 17:21:10 PST
The Vino Vixen(tm), Mari Stull, checks out the fabulous wine list at the Monaco's Jackson 20 in Alexandria Virginia. Reviews of Evil Cab Sauvignon, Gruet Sparkling, Hare's Chase Shiraz and Salmon Harbor Chardonnay. 20 Wines for 20 bucks - can't beat it!

another wine blog » Blog Archive » Bubbles for every day,

Thu, 21 Feb 2008 19:30:25 PST
How can you not love an article that proposes drinking sparkling wine with every meal of the day?

Organic & Sparkling

Wed, 12 Mar 2008 09:51:07 PDT
Sparkling wine can be better than Champagne. Fact. (If you didn't know...Sparkling wine is the official term for 'Champagne' made anywhere outside of Champagne, France). Although this geographical delineation serves to protect some of the wonders of Champagne, it allows others to get away with murder…

Great Wines to enjoy at any moment !

Thu, 13 Mar 2008 09:22:04 PDT
You will find a selection of any kind of wines (red, white, rose, sparkling or not, even beers, spirits...) to enjoy at any moment, just as an aperitif, with cheese, game, vegetable plate...

Pairing Food With Champagne & Sparkling Wine

Thu, 13 Mar 2008 14:24:49 PDT
First, lets take a look at the wine. While fizzy, yeasty and sparkling there are a collection of styles to sparkling wines. Their light bubbly character matches well with both special occasion and casual fare. It is this versatility of sparkling wines that is often overlooked.

A new film by Scorsese

Sun, 16 Mar 2008 10:14:53 PDT
Each year, the Spanish sparkling wine juggernaut Freixenet produces a long-format TV commercial to promote its bubbles during the holidays. This year, it was Martin Scorsese’s turn at bat and he decided to do a spot as an homage to Alfred Hitchcock. See it here.

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