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A Guide To Cheap Wine Racks

There is a difference between "cheap wine racks" and ones that are made cheaply. A made cheap wine rack is of poor quality. Often these cheap wine racks are made with sub-grade materials, and packaged with incomplete or hard to understand instructions. In short, they display shoddy workmanship.

This is not the case with a "cheap wine rack" in the financial sense. By this, we mean a high quality wine rack that is priced to be a deal for those on a limited budget. Rather than calling these cheap wine racks, we prefer to call them low cost wine racks.

These wine racks come with complete easy to understand directions, and are made of quality materials. Some, in fact, are very striking to look at as well....almost works of art in their own right.

On the other hand, cheap made wine racks will need to be replaced in a few years due to poor construction. Moreover, it could fail under the weight of even a small wine collection....and the result could be the breakage of your budding wine collection and a huge mess. It might seem like a money conserving purchase to buy a cheap made wine rack, but in the end, you might lose that special wine you intend to collect and store for years before enjoyment.

A low cost wine rack, by contast, can often be a rack of good steady construction. It is easy to assemble, and functional. However, unlike a more expensive cedar or fir wood wine rack, most low cost wine racks should reside in the basement or out of view. Cheap wine racks will generally not have the attention to detail that makes wine racks esthetically pleasing. In addition, it might have mismatched wood grains, which would show if stained. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule.

By adding only a few dollars to your total cost, however, you would be able to purchase a strong durable wood wine rack or small stylish metal one and have it around for many years. For pennies on the dollar, you could purchase a better quality item.

If you want to buy a small wine rack that only holds a few bottles, you can get some stunning ones for a very inexpensive price. Some of these will sit atop a table in your kitchen or can be easily mounted on the wall.

In short, there are many quality low cost wine racks available for every budget, so don't make the mistake of buying a poorly designed one one just to save a few dollars. Start with a small cedar or fir wine rack, for example, and add to it each year. They are completely stackable, and very durable. Or buy a small metal one that is pleasing to the eye, holds a few bottles, and costs in the range of only 50 dollars or so....and will last for years.

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Short Review on Iron Wine

Wineries In Virginia Near Williamsburg, Northern Neck & Chesapeake Bay Country

In Colonial Virginia, wine was a staple. The House of Burgesses, passed an Acte governing vineyards in 1619. The Twelfth Acte stated that each settler...

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Iron Wine Products we recommend

Chateau La Mission Haut Brion

"An extraordinary effort that gets better with each tasting, this dark, murky, garnet/purple-colored 1982 exhibits a fabulously complex nose of hot bricks, asphalt, black fruits, tar, roast beef, and truffles, colossal concentration, superripeness, an unctuous texture, and low acidity. While still exceptionally youthful, this wine is powerful, dense, large-scaled, and intense. It is evolving at a snail's pace, but should continue to improve for another 10-15 years, and last for another three decades. A candidate for perfection!" RP - 99 (Subject to Availability) LMHB82 LMHB82

Price: 807.99 USD

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