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We had thought that producing some matter on Vintage Wine would be an impossibility. However, once we started, there was no turning back.

Another Great Vintage Wine Article

Home Cellar - Mortgage repayment option from Premiercru Fine Wine Investments

Mortgage payments are a considerable cost to a household, and homeowners are searching for ways to save money. Running an investment plan alongside an interest only mortgage can considerably reduce costs in the long term, and Premier Cru Fine Wine Investments believes that Fine Wine acts as an ideal investment vehicle for mortgage repayment.
To meet the growing needs of homeowners, Premier Cru Fine Wine Investment has today launched a Fine Wine Investment Mortgage Repayment Product, branded 'Home Cellars', which uses fine wine as the repayment vehicle, alongside most interest only mortgages
Key points include:
* Potential to significantly reduce costs compared to Capital Repayment schemes (see below);

* Investment is tax free and not assigned to the mortgage lender;

* Growth in Fine Wine generally exceeds standard investments (see graph)

* Long history of stability in the Fine Wine investment market;

* Investment is flexible allowing the holder to adjust monthly payments to suit financial needs; and

* Life assurance is a separate term insurance, meaning holders do not lose cover if the wine investment is temporarily stopped.

Comparison of Capital Repayment Mortgage vs Interest Only with a Fine Wine Investment Vehicle
This comparison is based on a 35 year old non smoker with a ?250,000 mortgage at 5.45% fixed for the term of the loan. Wine fund growth is at 10% p.a with no growth for first 3 years, including 1.5% p.a management fee. Source: Fiscal Concepts Mortgage Brokerage.

About the Author

by Jo Adams for Fabweb Internet Services on behalf of Premier Cru Fine Wine Investments Limited

Another short Vintage Wine review

Wine for Women Only - Oh, Please...

1. Wines For Women - Never!
2. Flash-in-the-Pan Gimmick Wine?
3. Ugh! No Vintage
Here I sit, in my favorite pink flannel, Lucille Ball Grape Stomping...

Click Here to Read More About Wine ...

Recommended Vintage Wine Items

The FTD® Too Precious™ Bouquet - Standard

Pink flowers are arranged in a dazzling display in the Too Precious Bouquet. Heather, pink roses, pink carnations, white freesia and more are softly arranged in a glass vase. A terrific way to send your best wishes. C51-3521S

Price: 65.99 USD

Wine Review


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