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International Wine Clubs

International wine clubs are close-knit groups of people who buy and sell and trade and just talk about wine with each other. They share wine tips and have fun. International wine clubs offer exclusive benefits for their members. Wine clubs give members various benefits such as two choices of premium wines delivered right to your doorstep monthly. It comes with wine tasting notes written by wine experts as well as recommended food pairings and recipes.

Members of the Ernie Els International Wine Club receive a personal letter each month about golfing and wine experiences. Members of the Rocco DiSpirito's perfect wine pairing club get two recipes from Rocco's cookbooks entitled Flavor and Rocco's Italian American. They may also get recipes from his two restaurants, namely, Union Pacific and Rocco's 22nd. The club also puts together a wine selection each month.

Many wine clubs are not strict with membership dues. You can choose to pay either monthly, or go for the three-, six- or twelve-month membership. Most wine club memberships come with a money back guarantee, so do not be afraid to hand over that check.

You will get free wines monthly owing to your membership to international wince clubs, but be careful because some laws apply. The Supreme Court is now reviewing the considerations involved in receiving wine shipments from retailers. Only adults can receive the shipment, and minors are not allowed to receive such packages. The new order affects only shipments from the wine refinery to consumers and has no bearing on wine shipments from retailers as of the moment.

Wine Clubs provides detailed information on Wine Clubs, Wine Of The Month Clubs, California Wine Clubs, Wine Making Clubs and more. Wine Clubs is affiliated with Wine Tasting Tours.

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Featured Tasting Notes Items

Wunsch et Mann Pinot Blanc

For centuries Germany and France had quarreled over Alsace, with each believing they had the historical right to govern. While the region did change hands during a number of military conflicts, Alsace has always been French at heart. Hugh Johnson even states that "Alsatians take German grapes and makes French wine from them." What he means is the French take well known German varietals like Pinot Blanc, and add body and authority to the flowery scented grapes making the wines ideal for the table and the fine cuisine Alsace is famous for, such as Charcroute. The 2003 Pinot Blanc is perfect example of this wine making method at it combines the freshness and aromatics of a German wine but a well rounded and medium to full-bodied wine. WAB03 WAB03

Price: 28.99 USD

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