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The Unknown of the Organic Wines

The idea of a career hit them in a restaurant in London, as they saw on the wine list the description of a "hangover-free alternative" type of wine. Shelley Breckenridge and Lynsey Watson who were at that time involved in careers of the field of customer services and financial management, decided to create their own website, Vine Organic.

Based in Glasgow, the site is dedicated only to the selling chemical-free and biodynamic wines. Breckenridge and Lynsey Watson who are both fascinated by wines, share the idea that "Organic wines have an earthy natural quality that you don't find in conventional wine. The aromas are superior, the palates have better fruit intensity and purer flavours".

In a mission in Scotland, at the present, Breckenridge and Watson want to prove that organic wines have the same quality as the natural wines do. They plan to back up their theory by analysing the characteristics of 91 wines from 11 different countries.

The two passionate wine persons have chosen to set up a trading deal with English-based Vintage Roots company, in order to not waste their time on negotiating contracts with wineries, directly. Therefore, they picked only a couple of wines to be the Vine Organic exclusive, such as Vin de Pays d'Oc Sauvignon Blanc and some other wines, sold to restaurants in Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The minuses of the website are that there is no actual definition about what an organic wine is and the creation of Breckenridge and Watson seems to be a little cluttered since they provide no information about the founders-aspect which might be considered important by the customers.
Some tips from the taste test made by Breckenridge and Watson
At the category of fizz wines, the Cava Brut 21 Albet y Noya, at the price of ?12.49 has a yeasty biscuity aroma, chalky creamy texture, but finishes very bitter.
Among the white category, there is Rheinhessen Kabinett Riesling Trocken 2005 Weingut Klaus Knobloch, at the price of ?6.99. This starts well, with light floral bouquet, fleshy lush fruit palate, but this German white falls well short on the finish.
Other white wine is Domaine St Paul Sauvignon sur Lie and it costs ?6.49. It is clean, refreshing southern French Vin de Pays, lacking Loire's minerality. Also it has a light creamy body, being a very easy French quaffing aperitif.
At the red category, there is Thistle Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2001 which costs ?17.49. This wine it is unbalanced, old, tired and past its sell-by date - an over-priced Aussie red.
Buenas Ondas Malbec 2005 is another red wine, and it will cost you ?6.99. You will buy therefore, a rich damson fruits wine, very young tight- knit fruits, some depth to palate, earthy notes; a good value quaffing red from Argentina.
Also a red wine is Coyam 2003 which can be found at the price of ?11.99. This is very spicy, tight austere Chilean Bordelais blend and rich concentrated fruits, spoilt by an astringent finish.
As an argument for why did the Breckenridge and Watson have chosen to made this study, Breckenridge said that more and more high quality vineyards are becoming certified. However, among the wine producers there are many who are choosing the organically method but in the same time, they just do not bother to certify and label them as such. On this kind of actual situation, Breckenridge and Watson are willing to sell only certified wines, even if that means that the choice of quality wines available for them to list is still rather limited.

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The idea of a career hit them in a restaurant in London, as they saw on the wine list the description of a "hangover-free alternative" type of wine.

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