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How to Increase Wine Sales

There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to boost overall profits of a restaurant is to increase wine sales. Actually, any kind of beverage sales will increase the bottom line, but the focus of this article will be on wine.

Since the majority of patrons are not wine experts, a huge opportunity exists for restaurants to educate their consumers. Patrons consistently rely on wait staff to assist them with their wine selection.

So, it just makes sense that by providing patrons with the knowledge to order wine, restaurant sales will increase.

How to Increase Wine Sales

Selling wine can be a complex and dueling task, but it doesn?t have to be. Just ask the staff at Olive Garden. They have learned how to take advantage of the mantra: KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

This acronym has been around for a while now and it?s absolutely true. Novice customers rely on restaurants to recommend wine selections to them, so why not fill that need?

Here are my six steps to increase wine sales:

1) Evaluate Wine Selection

Select wines by the style of your patrons and the food served. Try not to rely completely on the recommendations of the wine distributor?s sales representative, as he or she is trying to get you to buy the wines they distribute. Don?t focus too much on price, but do make sure that a bottle of wine costs no more than the customer?s meal.

2) Create Ambiance

Wine bottles should be displayed in plain view and be recognizable to the patrons even though he or she may not be a wine connoisseur. Music and lighting should create a relaxed atmosphere and the environment should be cozy.

3) Educate Staff

Learn the basics. What does wine mean? What is the difference between a good bottle of wine and a bad bottle? How is wine ranked?

Learn wine aromas and descriptors, but don?t forget to keep it simple. Use words that the average patron and staff members will understand and remember. Stay away from stuffy descriptions and provide just enough information. In other words, there is no need to offer too many details.

4) Offer Wine Tasting

As a consumer, I always enjoy getting something for nothing. What better way to begin an evening then by being offered a sample of one or two types of wine? What does the consumer have to lose? If they don?t like the wine sample, that?s perfectly okay. If they do like it, then they will ask for a glass or better yet - for a bottle.

5) Educate Patrons

I can?t preach this one enough. Many consumers don?t buy wine because they feel unable to make an educated wine selection. Recommend wine selections complimenting menu choices. This will transform your patron?s meal into an experience, and at the same time make the patron confident enough to order a favorable wine choice.

6) Offer a Bottle vs. a Glass

Some states have passed wine to go laws allowing patrons to take home an unfinished bottle of wine. These laws have also been referred to as Merlot to Go, Cork n? Carry, Pinot to Go, or Wine Doggie Bag Bills. Most patrons are not aware of this law. Take this opportunity to inform them, and watch your wine bottle sales skyrocket! To learn more about your state wine to go law, visit

Christine M.
Smith will help you teach your staff how to increase your
wine sales and at the same time comply with the wine to go
law in your state.

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How to Increase Wine Sales

There is no doubt that one of the most effective ways to boost overall profits of a restaurant is to increase wine sales. Actually, any kind of bever...

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Blueberry Wine Items For Viewing

Fabulae Barbera d`Alba -

About 50% of Piemonte's redwine production is in the Barbera grape. In the past, these wines have been seen as rustic, light, fruity wines, but recent trends are to making fuller wines with oak aging to add complexity. This 1999 Fabulae Barbera is from the Alba region of Piemonte and is designated "barricato" ... indicating storage in small oak barriques. Only a small percentage of Barbera is suitable for such treatment and they are considered the equals of the famous Nebbiolo-grape wines of Barbaresco and Barolo. A smooth and flavorful Barbera from Giribaldi with lush vanilla notes. Surprise your friends with this dry red Italian wine. You can buy it online! BRDW99 BRDW99

Price: 44.99 USD

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