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Italy - Musical Wines

We are off to Italy again in a few weeks and I am going to be in the Arezzo area for a few days at end of trip. I will be on a mission while in Tuscany.... I am to find a town called Montalcino where there is a vineyard owned by a man who has made a startling discovery and now being studied scientifically. His grapes were not growing as robustly as they should have been for years so he tried an experiment. He decided to pipe classical music to half of his vineyard and the grapes responded by growing large r, juicier and redder than those not listening to music... It deserved a closer look Montalcino is also home to the famous Banfi wines .Banfi wines are considered by the Italian to be the best in Italy with only a small production of certain kinds distributed to America. So Montalcino is about 1 1/2 hours from Arezzo but a lovely trip especially at harvest time .Be sure to go to the musical vineyard called Paradiso di Frassini on the way to Montalcino from Buonconvento. According to an acquaintance who lives there the grapes prefer violins. The owner is Giancarlo Cignozzi and he makes very interesting wines, including one called " DO" ( musical--do, a doe ,a female deer...) containing 12 varietals. An interesting note is that this acquaintance ,Laura, states that when the boss is not there, the workers replace Vivaldi with Vasco Rossi and it does not seem to do the wines any harm It has become a very notable place so it is now necessary to request and appointment to visit. I will gladly give anyone the necessary phone and fax numbers upon request.

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I am a direct importer of 18 Kt and Platinum Italian Designer Jewelry and Gifts so I am in Italy every 2-3 months to buy and they are not available anywhere else in the USA. My website can be found at have just put my website up and am continually working to add new items and improve it.I have become sort of a local directory for all things Italian especially in the area of Italian travel.Recently,I received Italian citizenship.

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Italy - Musical Wines

We are off to Italy again in a few weeks and I am going to be in the Arezzo area for a few days at end of trip. I will be on a mission while in Tusca...

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What You Can Learn From Wine Labels

Have you ever stood in the wine aisle staring at row after row of wine bottles wondering which wine you should buy? This guide will explain what you can learn by reading the wine label.

Wine Facts
Wine Guide


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