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Tuesday 01/13/09 - Fruit Baskets

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Wine Cellars and Wine Storage

Many boomers are very serious about their wine collections and even serious wine investments. Many are looking to have wine Cellars built or wine coolers installed in their kitchens. A good bottle of wine usually never lasts long in my hands, but I figured I'd pass along some wine storage tips for those planning to start a wine collection:

Keep Wine Temps Down

Make sure the wine bottles are stored at a consistent temperature (usually between 53 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, with 55% to 75% humidity.) Keeping temps constant is a key. One of your best bets is a wine cellar in your basement or a wine fridge in your kitchen. Without those options, don't rack the wine in a warm, bright area - keep them in a dark place, low to the ground.

If you have a cellar installed, make sure they put the lights on a timer so that the heat from the lamps don't interfere with temperatures.

Store the Wine on it's Side?

Yes. I usually keep myself on my side after I've stored a lot of wine...

Age is Relative

How long to age the wine? Depends on your taste. If you prefer a bold, flavorful wine you can open it right away. However, if you prefer a more mature, mellow flavor, you can age a bottle for five, 10, and even 15 years to get taste you're looking for.

Re-cork Open Wine Bottles

If you're like me, the wine never lasts long enough to stick a cork back in it. But if you've opened up any old bottle of Chardonnay or what-have-you, and can't finish it, re-cork it. Put it in your fridge. Since any type of wine - red, white, rose - will "flatten", make sure you finish it off within 3 days of opening it.

How Long to Age?

Red wines usually age best. The flavor will mature when the acidic tannins fade. Ask your wine shop about how long to keep it on ice. Some wines should be finished off immediately and some (depending on the grape, vintage, etc.) should be stored for years. If the shop doesn't know, you can check with the maker of the wine - they usually have the details on their websites. They are the source and they know when their grapes will peak.


You've heard mahogany is the best wood to use in a wine cellar? You've heard right. It's a great hardwood that is durable and helps protect the wine. Pine, birch, and oak can retain water and start to rot after an extended period. Some of the best cellars in the world use mahogany.

About the Author

Timothy K. Clark is the Director of Marketing for the valuable website ( which specializes in fulfilling all the construction needs of homeowners and general contractors. We match project owners with contractors for residential and commercial improvement, repair, or remodeling work.

Another short Fruit Baskets review

Wine Cellars and Wine Storage

Many boomers are very serious about their wine collections and even serious wine investments. Many are looking to have wine Cellars built or wine cool...

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